Remember the Fridge!

Remember when we were kids? I know that is getting harder and harder for some of us. But I distinctly remember the depository for all things wonderful I achieved as a child being the place I would walk by with my head held high and my little chest puffed out proudly. Of course, I am referring to the refrigerator. All the magnets that held my triumphs in place. Earliest memories were of the little magnet alphabet letters. Then magnets from vacation locations or roadside Stuckeys (remember those Gen X’ers?). All of them proudly affixing a spelling test or a 3-legged Santa Claus drawn in art class. Family members would come over and were practically required to pay homage to the fridge alter and provide at least one obligatory “Oh how nice” and “wow, that’s great” before being offered any refreshments that were kept on the other side of that insulted door of fame. They were childhood merit badges. 

Yes, everything was right with the world when you could marvel at your accomplishments. Report cards held the special sway and were awarded the prime location on…The Freezer Door! Putting that puppy in eye shot of the parentals every time they went for ice or ice cream always brought with it special rewards. Yes, our fridge was the center of my atta boy universe, and I loved it dearly.  

I can hear the Political Correctness Police screaming and the sounds of this blog being deleted near and far. Doing that only creates self-centered little monster children. And what about multiple family children? You must create equal fridge landmass for each munchkin. And don’t even get me started on the 21st century judging criteria for what is and isn’t fridge worthy. Recognition of individual accomplishments are being murdered in the name of not upsetting anyone. Don’t believe me? Two words…Participation Trophies! It used to be we aged out of fridge recognition. Nowadays, these poor kids never even get a chance to shine.  What’s the point of even having the 64 box of Crayola’s, when no one will ever see your perfect blending of Burnt Sienna, Apricot and Violet Purple?

When did it stop becoming cool or acceptable to quit hanging greatness on the fridge? I often stare out my home office window and watch the world work its wonder. Living in Michigan, wonder is defined as the 46 and a half days each calendar year we actually see the sun. But I digress. Often while staring, I have a think on such things as refrigerator trophies of yesteryear. This brings me to the important question of the day…Why can’t we adults put our work on the fridge? Spouse gets a promotion? Fridge! The letter informing me I wasn’t selected for Jury Duty? Fridge! (although if selected, it is our right and privilege to go) Great email from a customer? Slap that happy message up there with the magnet purchased in Cancun somewhere between 1994 and 20??. Why does it seem we are not allowed to be proud of our accomplishments? It seems all we are allowed to do is wallow in our failures and foibles. Our brain needs to SEE accomplishments as much as we did as kids (maybe more so nowadays).

So, when you get that great thing, put it on the fridge. Even if only for a little while, let yourself go back to the day where stick figures and endless pictures of sunny skies with happy faces were the norm. We may just find ourselves a little happier ourselves! 

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