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No matter the product or service you provide, a organization's ultimate success or failure comes down to one simple concept:


At Better Place we recognize the need for all-things talent. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Talent Needs and Assessment - Not all talent is created equal. There is a big difference between knowing you need to add talent and being able to add the right talent. Our 20 plus years' of experience can help ensure the proper needs are identified. 
  • Talent Acquisition - Once an understanding is reached on the kinds of talent your organization needs, let Better Place assist you in sourcing, screening, selecting the right talent with you. We act as a true partner throughout the process.
  • Talent Development - Getting new talent up to speed quickly and efficiently is vital to their long-term success. Developing training and development plans uniquely crafted to the individual is what we specialize in. Retention and long-term value is not only sought after by organizations, but feeling valued and finding a long-term home is what individuals are seeking more than ever. 
  • Talent Succession - Creating a path as unique as the individuals in your organization maximizes that feeling of being valued and ensures your people bring their absolute best every day.  

Appointments are available online, in person appointments are available to clients in Michigan. Please contact to set up an appointment. 

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